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Big Time Texas Hunts is your chance to win eight premium hunt packages on some of the finest private ranches and prime wildlife management areas in the state.

Proceeds support wildlife conservation, habitat management, and public hunting. If you win, you'll enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience, but even if your name isn't drawn, you're still supporting the important work of wildlife conservation in Texas.

Grand Slam

One winner receives this hunter's dream of four hunts for Texas big game: desert bighorn sheep, white-tailed deer, pronghorn and desert mule deer.

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Wild Hog Adventure

One winner and up to three guests will take a long weekend trip to pursue the big Texas wild boar.

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Premium Buck Hunt

One winner and a guest will receive the ultimate guided white-tailed deer hunting experience in the South Texas brush country.

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Waterfowl Adventure

One winner and three guests get three waterfowl trips - An East Texas hunt for ducks, and Gulf Coast hunts for duck and geese.

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Whitetail Bonanza

Six winners receive a high quality three-to-five day hunting trip for white-tailed deer. Each winner can bring a hunting companion.

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Exotic Safari

One winner, with a guest, will have the chance to hunt exotics, including sable antelope, gemsbok, simitar-horned oryx, and axis deer.

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Big Time Bird Hunt

One winner receives three bird hunts - a dove hunt and a quail hunt with three guests each, and a Rio Grande turkey hunt with one guest.

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Gator Hunt

One winner and their guest will receive a rare three-day trip to pursue legendary Texas alligators on the Gulf Coast.

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*The discounted $9 per entry price is available only for online purchases. Entries purchased at license retailers, by phone and by mail are $10 each. A $5 administrative fee is charged for each online and phone transaction.


2010 Texas Grand Slam winner Kenneth Garcia shows off his winnings, including his bighorn ram that scored a 171 3/8th Boone and Crockett and was recognized in the Texas Big Game Awards.

More on Kenneth Garcia's story on Passport to Texas.

2010 Texas Premium Buck Hunt winner Stephen Poskey talks about his experience.

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