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Commission Agenda Item No. 3
Presenters: Ken Kurzawski
Mitch Lockwood

2010-2011 Statewide Hunting and Fishing Proclamations
April 1, 2010

I. Executive Summary: This item presents the proposed 2010-2011 Statewide Hunting Proclamation and Statewide Recreational and Commercial Fishing Proclamations for adoption. The proposal repeals, amends, and includes new rules that would:

II. Discussion: Responsibility for establishing seasons, bag limits, and means and methods for taking wildlife resources is delegated to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission under Parks and Wildlife Code, Chapter 61. Parks and Wildlife Code, Chapter 67, requires the Commission by regulation to establish any limits on the taking, possession, propagation, transportation, importation, exportation, sale, or offering for sale of nongame fish or wildlife that the department considers necessary to manage the species. The changes to the rules are based upon statutory requirements, commission policy, staff recommendations, and suggestions from the regulated community, including scientific investigation and required findings of fact where applicable. The changes are intended increase recreational opportunity, decrease regulatory complexity where possible, promote enforcement, and provide for the sound biological management of the wildlife resources of the state. The Regulations Committee at its January 2010, meeting authorized staff to publish the proposed rules in the Texas Register for public comment. The proposed rules appeared in the February 26, 2010, issue of the Texas Register (35 TexReg 1635-1650). A summary of public comment on the proposed rules will be presented at the time of the hearing.

III. Recommendation: Staff recommends that the Commission adopt the proposed motion:

"The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopts the repeal of §§65.71-65.74, 65.78, 65.79, 65.82, 65.83, and 65.91; amendments to §§65.1, 65.3, 65.10, and 65.42; and new §§57.970-57.977, 57.980-57.982, and 57.990-57.997, concerning the Statewide Hunting Proclamation and the Statewide Recreational and Commercial Fishing Proclamation, with changes as necessary to the proposed text as published in the February 26, 2010, issue of the Texas Register (35 TexReg 1635-1650)."

Attachments - 2

  1. Exhibit A - Proposed Hunting Rules
  2. Exhibit B - Proposed Fishing Rules

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