How to Participate!

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Join the fun in a few easy steps:

  1. Pick a tournament category.
  2. Find team members.
    Ask friends, family, co-workers, bird club members, or other people in your community to join you in the field.
  3. Find a sponsor(s) or collect registration fees from your teammates.
    See Sponsorship Tips for strategies to find one or more team sponsors to cover your entry fees.
  4. Read tournament rules.
  5. Fill out a team Registration Form and pay registration fees online.
  6. 2ndPlace_LowerTexasCoast_BigSit_TheHotWings.jpgRegister on the Texas eBird portal
    Teams need an eBird account under their team name to submit a final tournament checklist. You should practice eBird entries before the tournament either with lists from some of your scouting or practice days or another quick bird trip list. This will help you get used to the way eBird works. For more information, visit Bird Checklist Submission.
  7. Select tournament day(s), and go out and bird!
    Send your selected tournament date(s) to within 24 hours of your competition day(s) for official Birding Classic records.
  8. Submit official tournament checklist through eBird.
    Follow submission directions provided at Bird Checklist Submission. Once you've entered your checklist into eBird, you will need to share that list in eBird with the Birding Classic account, GTBCStaff.
  9. Share!
    Are you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Use #GTBC17 on any platform so other birders can follow the action. 
    Like the  Birding Classic Facebook page and post photos directly.
  10. See how you did!
    Final Results will be posted online once checklists from all teams are received and scored from eBird. GTBC staff will work with winning teams from several tournaments to select conservation project grant recipients. Conservation grant amounts and number of grants awarded is dependent on money raised through team registration fees and sponsorship dollars.
  11. Start planning for 2018!
    22nd Annual Great Texas Birding Classic dates are April 15 - May 15, 2018.

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