Awards Ceremonies


20th Annual Birding Classic Awards Ceremonies

caption:Audubon Texas logo Regional Awards Events made possible by Audubon Texas. 

When: Saturday, June 4, 2016, 1:00-3:00pm

Teams will receive emailed invitations to these events with instructions on how to RSVP with the number in their party and which event they plan to attend (there will be a choice of venues at the same time on the same date). RSVPs will be due May 27th.

caption:Awards from 2013 Birding Classic

Join Texas Parks and Wildlife and Audubon Texas to celebrate your team’s participation in the biggest, longest, and wildest birdwatching tournament in the US!

The Awards Ceremony is a favorite with past participants as it gives everyone a chance to share their stories from the field and meet the winners. This year we will have two or three events to make distance easier for the majority of teams.

More information on this year's Awards Ceremonies coming soon!

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