Tournament Categories

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Which tournament category is for you?

There are several different tournament categories in the Birding Classic to choose from. Use the lifestyle options below to see which categories would be the best match for you and your team:

Or select All Tournament Categories (also in PDF format) to see an explanation of every type of tournament available this year

General Guidelines for All Tournaments:greatblueheron

  • With the new month-long format (April 15 – May 15 each year), participants may participate in more than one category and/or in the same category for multiple regions.
  • Official Registration Forms must be completed for every team entered (if entering more than one team or category, fill out forms for each team even if the team members will stay the same).
  • All applicable registration fees must be paid for each team to have official standing in the tournament.
  • Teams competing in a Regional Tournament must select which region they wish to compete in based on the Regional Tournament Map and mark that selection in the appropriate section of their Official Registration Form.
  • Teams include 3-5 members in all tournament categories except the Big Sit! tournament in which teams are formed by one or more people (as many as you would like to fit in a 17-foot circle through the course of a day!).
  • Mixed age teams will compete in the age category where 50 percent or more of the competitors fall (e.g., two 25 year-olds and one 17 year-old fall in the Adult category, but two 18 year-olds and one 21 year-old are Gliders). In the event that the team is 50/50, the team automatically falls in the older age group. Roughwings teams are excluded from this rule; all Roughwings team members must be ages 13 years old and under.