Event Registration

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  • Review How-to Participate!
  • adultsSelect a Tournament Category. If participating in a Regional Tournament, refer to the Regional Tournament Map to select your region.
  • Register your team
  • Please make a copy of your registration for your records. The team captain will receive a confirmation email with a link for fee payments.
  • Pay your Registration Fee (or have your sponsor pay) for your total team registration fees. (PLEASE NOTE: The Birding Classic accepts online payment via credit card only. Do not mail a check for registration fees to TPWD.)
  • Team registration is complete once you have received a confirmation email from the TPWD Nature Tourism Manager.
  • You must email the GTBC coordinator with your selected tournament date(s) within 24-hours of your team’s competition day(s). (In previous years, TPWD pre-selected specific dates for each tournament category, but now teams have flexibility within the April 15-May 15 event dates). Your team’s email with tournament date(s) is for GTBC record keeping purposes

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