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  • Review How-to Participate!
  • adultsSelect a Tournament Category. If participating in a Regional Tournament, refer to the Regional Tournament Map to select your region.
  • Register your team
  • Please make a copy of your registration for your records. The team captain will receive a confirmation email with a link for fee payments.
  • Pay your Registration Fee (or have your sponsor pay) for your total team registration fees. (PLEASE NOTE: The Birding Classic accepts online payment via credit card only. Do not mail a check for registration fees to TPWD.)
  • Team registration is complete once you have received a confirmation email from the TPWD Nature Tourism Manager.
  • You must email the GTBC coordinator with your selected tournament date(s) within 24-hours of your team’s competition day(s). This email with your chosen tournament date(s) is for GTBC record keeping purposes since all team checklists must be entered into eBird by midnight on the day following your tournament completion.

Official Event Registration Form

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