Texas Brigades

Youth testing water quality.

The Texas Brigades is a wildlife-focused leadership development program for middle and high school youth (ages 13-17) interested in learning habitat management, communication skills, and developing a land ethic. The camps, each 4.5 days long, are held on private ranches and at environmental camps in different areas around the state. There are four different camps from which to choose: Bobwhite Brigade, Buckskin Brigade, Feathered Forces and Bass Brigade. Top wildlife professionals and resource managers serve as instructors and mentors. Through these activities, you will develop valuable life skills that will help you no matter your goals.

You will learn animal anatomy, behavior, botany, nutrition, habitat management, population dynamics, and valuable leadership skills. You will write news releases, practice public speaking, and find out how to handle radio and television interviews.

Bobwhite Brigade

Two youths reading a handheld device.

Each year, there are two bobwhite quail classes offered, one, it it's 14th year at Leuders, Texas and the other in it's 9th year in the south Texas habitat near Pleasanton, Texas.

Feathered Forces

Youth shooting with instructors guidance.

This camp is offered to youth who are interested in bobwhite quail and wild turkey. Each year, this Feathered Forces camp is offered in Lufkin during the summer.

Bass Brigade

Two youths dipnetting in a creek.

This 5-day camp is offered to 30 high-achieving youths who are interested in fishing or just being out on the water. You will learn about the different species of bass and ways to improve their environment. You will learn about aquatic ecosystems; natural resource management; botany of aquatic and terrestrial plants; biology, river, pond and lake management; water quality and management; and land and water stewardship. You will also participate in activities like photography, journaling, art, fishing skills, safety, and ethics. Through all of these activities, you will learn life skills such as leadership, team-building, critical-thinking and communication.

Each year, the Bass Brigade camp is held during the summer at McKinney Roughs, a property of the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA).

Buckskin Brigade

Three youths aging deer.

This is a camp for youth who are novice nature buffs or experienced hunters and anywhere in between. You will learn about deer anatomy, habitat and management and much more.

There are 2 camps per year. The South Texas Buckskin Brigade is held in Carrizo Springs, TX during summer. The North Texas Buckskin Brigade is held at Stasney's Cook Ranch in Albany, Texas each summer.

Two youths scoring antlers while being observed by instructor.

For additional information, please call Helen Holdsworth: 1-800-TEX-WILD x 120 or 1-210-332-3560, email Helen Holdsworth or visit online at: Texas Brigades.

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