Visiting TFFC

Special Events - Fly Fish Texas

Schedule of Classes and Seminars

All-day Activities (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

Topic Location
Fly-Tier's Roundtable
(featuring Fishy Fullum)
Anglers Pavilion
Jere Anderson, coordinator
Casting Instruction Conservation Center Dock/Parking Area
Jim Bass, coordinator
Speaker Presentations on the hour Visitor Center Dive Theater
Speaker Presentations on the hour Conservation Center, Room B
Vendor Booths & Demonstrations Conservation Center, Room A
Beginning Fly-Tying Classes
(Noon – 4 pm)
Conservation Center Classroom
Trout, Bream & Bass Fishing
(Catch & Release)
Lake Zebco & Fishing Stream along Wetlands Trail
Fish Action/Pursuit Visitor Center Aquaria Exhibits, West Side

Scheduled Classes and Demonstrations

Time Topic Speaker
Anheuser-Busch Dive Theater
10:00 Basic Fly-Fishing, Care & Feeding of Your Equipment Mark Marmon
11:00 Dive Show  
12:00 Fly Fishing the Llano River Harry Crofton
1:00 Choosing a Fly Rod and How They Are Made Harold Durham
2:00 Dive Show  
3:00 Fly-Fishing for Carp Shannon Drawe
Conservation Center, Room B
11:00 Flies for Spring Bass Bruce Sublett
12:00 Flies to Take Advantage of Fish Senses Bill Heugel
1:00 Single & Double Hand Spey Casting (followed by on-the-water casting outdoors) Gary Davison
2:00 Six Flies to Catch Stupid Trout Bruce Sublett
3:00 Colorado Trout Fishing: Backcountry Canyons & High Meadow Streams Russell Husted
Conservation Center Classroom
11:00 Trout Rigging: Tying Knots and Setting up Nymph & Fly Dropper Rigs (class limit of 8 people, register at door) David Lemke

Outdoor Seminars (weather permitting)

Time Topic Speaker
2:00 Fly-Fishing, Kayak Style – shore of Casting Pond beside kayak vendor Jerry Hamon
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