CP-007: Requests for Information

It is the policy of the Commission that all requests for information received by the Commission regarding functions and services of TPWD be acknowledged and forwarded at the earliest possible time to the appropriate TPWD staff. The Public Information Act, Gov’t Code, Chapter 552, governs how the Commission responds to requests for public information. It is the desire of the Commission that all requests for information be treated uniformly, as required under the Public Information Act. Requests will be responded to without regard to the position, occupation, or status of the requestor, or the method by which the request was submitted.

Public information is defined as information that was made, transmitted, maintained, or received in connection with the official business of TPWD (Gov’t Code §552.002). This is regardless of whether the information is maintained in a private account or on a private device. However, the Commission is not required to create new information not already in existence to respond to a request. If a member of the Commission maintains information that is responsive to a request made under the Public Information Act, they will promptly provide that information to the appropriate TPWD staff member.