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Clarence Evans Beezely – Obituary and Assessment Call

clarence_evans_beezley.jpgMr. Clarence Evans Beezley passed away on March 22 after a brief illness. Clarence was employed for over 40 years with the Game Fish and Oyster Commission, which later became Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. He served as a Game Warden in the Texas Panhandle and Central Texas. When the need arose for someone with a law enforcement background, but an extensive knowledge of waterfowl he was asked to manage the Sheldon Reservoir Game Preserve near Houston. He later moved to LaPorte, Texas and served as the Information and Education officer, where he contributed numerous articles to magazines and newspapers. In the early 70s Clarence was transferred to Austin to manage the statewide game hot line. He was famous for his knowledge of waterfowl and game laws not to mention his ability to retrieve in an instance from memory information such as when bow season opens in some remote Texas county or the number of species and habits of the Texas Road Runner.

While in Austin he was divorced and then later married Shirley Heudier. After 29 years of happiness Shirley preceded him in death in 2008. Clarence had an interest in wide variety of subjects. He was humble, cheerful, intelligent, fun loving and always very charming.

He was a great role model for his children. He leaves behind, a brother Jack Beezley of Houston, sister Doris Smelser of Dallas, his first wife Pauline, his daughter Diana Bashrum, son Jack Beezley, (June Beezley), grand-daughter, Amanda Dudley, (Dale Dudley), and grandson Adam Beezley. He has two great grand children Jacob Dudley and Katie Baum. Clarence was a descendent of original Williamson County settlers, and leaves behind many family members and friends who still live in the Central Texas Area. He will be missed. In lieu of flowers please send donations to the Shiloh-McCutcheon Cemetery Fund 9553 FM 1660 Hutto Texas. In c/o Margaret Crislip.


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SUBJECT:       Assessment Call
DATE:             March 28, 2011
AMOUNT:       $16.00
DUE:               April 29, 2011
Policy No.        67

Failure to pay by the due date will result in loss of benefits. The assessment fee plus a reinstatement fee will be charged to rejoin the Association.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Mutual Association (TPWD Mutual Association) regrets to inform you of the death of another of our members, Clarence Evans Beezley .

Clarence became a member of the Game and Fish Mutual Association on May 15, 1956. He retained his membership up until his death on March 22, 2011.

Additional information on Mr. Clarence Beezely is on the reverse side of this assessment letter.

A check in the amount of $5,415.00 will be delivered to Shirley Ann Beezley

An assessment in the amount of $16.00 will be necessary to bring the policy fund back into balance to have payments on hand for two members in case of death. Please make this payment by April 29, 2011.


L. David Sinclair, President
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Mutual Association


Make Checks Payable to:

TPWD Mutual Association

Please Mail All Payments to:

TPWD Mutual Association
P.O. Box 549
Del Valle, TX 78617

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