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Ellen M. Kotrla – Obituary and Assessment Call

Ellen Marek Kotrla, 65, died July 25, 2011 in Austin. She was born Oct. 24, 1945 to Frank and Milada Marek of Chriesman. After graduating from Caldwell High School and living in several places, she settled in Bastrop.

She is survived by her daughter, Lori Conly Donnell and a grandson of Caldwell, sister Lois Ed Reznicek of Cedar Creek, numerous nieces, nephews and extended family members.

She was preceded in death by her parents and brother.

A Celebration of Life service will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 30 at the First United Methodist Church of Caldwell.

In lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Ellen Kotrla to the Coastal Fisheries Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife would be appreciated.


P.O. Box 549
Del Valle, Texas 78617


SUBJECT:       Assessment Call
DATE:             July 28, 2011
AMOUNT:       $16.00
DUE:               September 2, 2011
Policy No.        1039

Failure to pay by the due date will result in loss of benefits. The assessment fee plus a reinstatement fee will be charged to rejoin the Association.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Mutual Association (TPWD Mutual Association) regrets to inform you of the death of another of our members, Ellen M. Kotrla.

Ellen became a member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on April 27, 2006. She retained her membership up until her death on July 25, 2011.

Additional information on Ellen is on the reverse side of this assessment letter.

A check in the amount of $5,265 will be delivered to her daughter, Lori, on July 28, 2011.

An assessment in the amount of $16.00 will be necessary to bring the policy fund back into balance to have payments on hand for two members in case of death. Please make this payment by September 2, 2011.

Additionally, please remit all outstanding assessments. We're getting behind.


L. David Sinclair, President
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Mutual Association


Make Checks Payable to:

TPWD Mutual Association

Please Mail All Payments to:

TPWD Mutual Association
P.O. Box 549
Del Valle, TX 78617

If you have any questions regarding the TPWD Mutual Association, please contact:

David Sinclair by phone at (512) 389-4854 or e-mail, or
David Heater by phone at (512) 923-8656 or e-mail, or
Janie Whitaker by phone at (512) 389-4854 or e-mail