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James E. “Jim” Pond – Obituary and Assessment Call

james_e_pond.jpgJames Evets (Jim) Pond was born October 30, 1919, in La Salle County, TX, and passed away November 1, 2007, at his home in Pearsall, TX. He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Pauline Wilmon Pond; two daughters, Paulette Edwards and Sheila Pugh; two brothers, E.L. Pond and Freddie Pond; sister Bernice McLendon; three grandchildren, Paula Pittman Kile, Kurt Pittman, and Julie Pugh; and seven great grandchildren.

One of 10 siblings born to Edward Larkin Pond and Mattie Butler Pond, Jim began his working life as a cowhand on various ranches in South Texas before enlisting in the U.S. Army in 1942 to serve his country during World War II. In the Army, Jim served in the 42nd Rainbow Division, achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant. He was awarded the Purple Heart for being wounded in a battle in Germany and the Bronze Star for bravery and service above and beyond the call of duty for volunteering to lay communication lines vital to Allied operations in an area that was under heavy enemy fire. Besides these honors, he was authorized to wear the American Theater Ribbon, European –African – Middle Eastern Ribbon with two Battle Stars and the Good Conduct Medal. After the war, Jim was honorably discharged from the Army and returned home to his wife Pauline and began his life of law enforcement and service to the state of Texas.

Jim began his law enforcement career as Deputy Sheriff of Dimmit County and City Marshal of Crystal City, TX. Then in 1949, he joined the Texas Parks and Wildlife where he began his career with the Department as Game Warden for Dimmit, Zavala and Maverick counties. He later became District Supervisor over various counties in South Texas. During his career, Jim spent many long days patrolling and apprehending poachers in areas such as Mines Road and other remote locations along the Mexican Border, in addition to countless area ranches in the South Texas region. Jim retired from the Department in 1987 after 37 years of service. To say he loved his job with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department would have been an understatement. In the years following his retirement, Jim kept in touch with those with whom he served and continued many long lasting friendships. He also shared many of the wonderful memories with his family and friends who always enjoyed a great story! There wasn’t a rancher in South Texas who didn’t know Jim Pond and there probably wasn’t a ranch in the area whose gate key wasn’t entrusted with him.

After his retirement from the Department in 1987, Jim and his wife Pauline continued to reside at their home in Carrizo Springs, TX where they spent their days raising calves, chickens, hogs, rabbits, dogs and cats. Jim also had a passion for gardening and ultimately established an orchard which contained some of South Texas’s best naval oranges. Jim’s favorite part of the growing season was letting his grandchildren harvest the oranges after a nice freeze during Christmas. Jim loved his wife Pauline and their two daughters and grandchildren more than anything in the world and wanted only for their happiness above his own. Some of his favorite times were spent teaching his children and grandchildren how to ride horses, hunt, and fish and spending many great summers with his grandchildren in Carrizo Springs taking them to the best pancake eating spots in town. Most importantly, he taught them responsibility and how to be respectful of others.

In 2000, Jim and Pauline moved to Pearsall, TX. There, he was a member of the 1st Baptist Church, and an active member in the American Legion. During his years in Pearsall, Jim continued his love for his gardening and created another orchard where he raised oranges, lemons, peaches and figs.

On November 1, 2007, at the age of 88, Jim passed away at his home in Pearsall, surrounded by his family and friends. On November 3rd, He was laid to rest at the Brummett Cemetery, 30 miles North East of Pearsall. Among the many family members and fellow retired Game Wardens and friends present, were a number of uniformed Wardens who were there to honor Jim’s service to the State of Texas by posting the Colors and presenting the Texas flag to his wife Pauline. Also present, were two men from the U.S. Army who presented the American flag to Pauline in honor of Jim’s service to his country. To his family, he will be remembered as one of the greatest men they had ever known -Devoted husband, loving father and grandfather, one of the last real cowboys, greatest of heroes and one of the most loyal friends a person could have. His service to God, Country and the State of Texas is legendary and his family will forever hold dear to their hearts the memories they have of this wonderful man.

Obituary prepared by Jim’s grandchildren: Paula Pittman Kile, Kurt Pittman and Julie Pugh.


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SUBJECT:       Assessment Call
DATE:             November 9 , 2007
AMOUNT:        $16.00
DUE:               December 9 , 2007
Policy No. 92

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Mutual Association (TPWD Mutual Association) regrets to inform you of the death of another of our members, James E. "Jim" Pond.

Jim became a member of the Texas Game and Fish Commission Mutual Association, (aka) Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Mutual Association on June 3, 1956. He retained his membership up until his death on November 1, 2007.

Additional information on Jim is on the reverse side of this assessment letter.

A check in the amount of $5,130.00 was delivered to Pauline, Jim's wife on November 3, 2007.

An assessment in the amount of $16.00 will be necessary to bring the policy fund back into balance to have payments on hand for two members in case of death. Please make this payment by December 9, 2007.


L. David Sinclair, President
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Mutual Association


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