Presenter: David Sinclair

Commission Agenda Item No. 3
Restricted Wild Animal Proclamation
November 1997

I. DISCUSSION: Senate Bill 97, enacted by the Seventy-fourth Texas Legislature repealed Chapter 12, Subchapter G, Parks and Wildlife Code. The repeal removed the statutory authority delegated to the Parks and Wildlife Commission to issue a permit for the possession of a dangerous wild animal and prescribe requirements under which a person could safely possess a dangerous wild animal for breeding, exhibition, or personal use.

II. RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopts the repeal of 31 TAC §§55.201-55.211, concerning restricted wild animal regulations, as published in the October 3, 1997, issue of the Texas Register (22 TexReg 9856)."

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1. Exhibit A - Proposed Repeal
2. Exhibit B - Fiscal Note

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