Presenter: Paul M. Shinkawa

Commission Agenda Item No. 6
Sand and Gravel Permit Rules
November 1997

I. DISCUSSION: The proposed amendments increase the active life of new and renewed sand and gravel permits from one (1) to three (3) years. They also increase permit application and renewal fees by two and one-half times.

The proposed amendments were published in the Texas Register for a thirty (30) day public comment period on September 26, 1997. No comments were received during this period.

The rules as amended would state as follows:

Sec. 69.110. Period of Validity.

No permit shall be granted for a period longer than one three years.

Sec. 69.114. Sedimentary Material Permit Application Fees.

(a) (no change)

(1) [$500] $1,200 for applications to take sedimentary material for purpose of sale; and

(2) [$200] $500 for all other applications

II. RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"The amended rules as shown in Exhibit A are approved and adopted to take effect 20 days after filing with the Secretary of State."

Attachments - 2

1. Exhibit A - Proposal to Amend rules in Texas Register
2. Exhibit B - Fiscal Note

(Exhibits A and B are available upon request.)