Ad Hoc Infrastructure Committee

Wednesday, 9:00 a.m., April 14, 1999

Commission Hearing Room
4200 Smith School Road
Austin, TX 78744
Subject Public Hearing
Agenda Item No.
  Approval of the Committee Minutes from the previous meeting.  
  Summary of Minutes  
1. Chairman's Charges (Oral Presentation) Committee Only
2. Update on Capital Program
Staff: Dan Patton
Committee Only
3. Other Business  

Summary of Minutes
Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
Ad Hoc Infrastructure Committee
January 20, 1999

BE IT REMEMBERED that heretofore on the 20th day of January, 1999, there came on to be heard matters under the regulatory authority of the Parks and Wildlife Commission of Texas, in the Commission Hearing Room of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Headquarters complex, Austin, Travis County, Texas beginning at 4:30 p.m., to wit:


Chair: Lee M. Bass
John Avila, Jr. (absent)
Nolan Ryan
Dick Heath (absent)
Ernest Angelo, Jr.
Carol E. Dinkins
Mickey Burleson
Susan Howard-Chrane
Ray Clymer


Andrew Sansom, Executive Director, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, read the opening statement into the record.


Dan Patton, Director of the Infrastructure Division, opened his briefing with a quick explanation of the Chairman's charges relating to the current capital program and indicated that we would be receiving new FY99 bond proceeds at the end of January.

Mr. Patton briefed the Committee on the second agenda item, "FY99 Capital Program" by recognizing all the other divisions for helping to make this bond program successful. Total expenditures to date spent was $2.3 million, double the amount spent in the first six months. In addition, total expenditures of $1.6 million were encumbered under contract. Mr. Patton went on to explain that many design packages are now being prepared for bidding and contracting, leading to construction, which will increase expenditures. He informed the Commission that as of this reporting date, expenditures were $800,000 behind schedule. Chairman Bass asked what the penalty or ramifications of not meeting arbitrage would be. Mr. Patton responded that the worse case would be approximately $160,000, but did note that once arbitrage is missed there is no other arbitrage after that. Mr. Patton went on to further explain external influences that have put the program behind schedule; cost savings being recognized in our projects, approximately $200,000; the outsourcing of design projects into a saturated market and loss of our own staff.

Mr. Patton provided an overview of the FY99 Capital Program. 228 projects were added in August 1998 totaling $29.9 million. Since that date, $5.9 million has been expended on capital projects and $6.5 million encumbered under contract. Mr. Patton went on to further explain that about 90% of the design work for FY99 projects will be outsourced under blanket contracts to the private sector.

In addition, Mr. Patton shared the status of the new Project Management Delivery System. He explained that our contract with Carter and Burgess, Inc. to provide a project management system and refine our processes is progressing well.


There being no further business, Commissioner Bass adjourned the January 20, 1999 meeting at approximately 5:00 p.m. of the Ad Hoc Infrastructure Committee of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Committee Agenda Item No. 1
Presenter: Andrew Sansom

Ad Hoc Infrastructure Committee
Chairman's Charges
April 1999

(This item will be an oral presentation.)

Committee Agenda Item No. 2
Presenter: Dan Patton

Ad Hoc Infrastructure Committee
Update on Capital Program
April 1999

I. Discussion: Dan Patton will brief the Committee on the status of the Capital Program. The report will reflect current status of capital dollars expended, under contract, pending contract and projected expenditure goals. The report will also reflect the status of the FY98 bond expenditures in meeting the March 1999 arbitrage deadline.

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