Commission Agenda Item No. 8
Presenters:  Brent Leisure
Jeff Sparks

Wildfires in Texas
May 26, 2011

I.       Executive Summary:  State Parks Wildland Fire Program Manager Jeff Sparks will discuss the recent wildfires that have burned in excess of one million acres in Texas.  The presentation will include information about the State Parks’ Wildland Fire Program’s role in assisting with wildfire suppression at locations such as the Rock House, Possum Kingdom Complex, and Oasis fires.

II.      Discussion:  In May of 2005 State Parks began adopting national training and qualification standards to establish the State Parks Fire Management Program.  The State Parks Division carries out prescribed fires on State Park lands and assists in wildfire suppression with other Wildland Firefighting agencies across the state.  The program is comprised of almost 200 professionally trained State Parks employees located throughout the state, specialized equipment such as vehicles and personal protective gear, and routine training and qualification processes.