Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
Public Hearing

March 28, 2013, Commission Meeting

Retirement Certificates and Service Awards

Division Name Title Location Years
LE Jeff Parrish Asst. Commander, Game Warden Austin 29 Years
SP Carl Orbison Project Manager III Tyler 28 Years
COM Richard Roberts Manager IV Austin 23 Years
Service Awards
Division Name Title Location Years
CF Tom Wagner Natural Resources Spec IV Rockport 25 Years
IF Patsy Berry Staff Services Officer I Waco 25 Years
IF Mark Webb Natural Resources Spec V Snook 25 Years
IT Steve Schwelling Geographic Info Spec IV Austin 20 Years
IF Elmer Glenewinkel Natural Resources Spec IV San Marcos 20 Years
WL Dennis Gissell Program Specialist VI Austin 20 Years
WL Fernando Gutierrez Fish & Wildlife Tech III Hunt 20 Years
WL Dale Prochaska Manager V Brownwood 20 Years
WL Calvin Richardson Natural Resources Spec V Canyon 20 Years
WL Jay Roberson Program Supervisor VI Austin 20 Years
WL Janie Whitaker Staff Services Officer I Austin 20 Years