Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

May 23, 2013, Commission Meeting


Donations of $500 or more for May 23, 2013 Not Previously Acknowledged by the Commission
  Donor Description Detail & Purpose of Donation *Amount
1 Saltwater Fisheries Enhancement Association Other Goods Two 12,000 gallon fiberglass water storage tank fabricated from a premium grade isophthalic resin domed top, two threaded outlets, 24"top with screened vent and 2 galvanized steel lifting lugs, $13,940.00 and 5 yards of poured cement valued at $405.00 $14,345.00
2 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Cash To offset expenses for providing outreach and education regarding conservation and recreation at the San Antonio Livestock Exposition $5,000.00
3 Brazos Bend SP Volunteer Organization Capital Property One John Deere 2320 4-wheel drive tractor, Stock #51723, PIN 1LV2320HECH711871 $11,100.00
4 Brazos Bend SP Volunteer Organization Capital Property One John Deere 200CX Loader, Stock# 51722, PIN# 1P0200CXADX073190 $3,000.00
5 Jobe Materials, LP Other Goods 24 tons of mortar sand and 12 tons of gravel for Franklin Mountains SP for maintenance projects $650.00
6 Brazos Bend SP Volunteer Organization Cash Donated to Brazos Bend SP to reimburse the purchase of 4 hand held radios $1,299.28
7 Texas Christian University Capital Property One 4300 LI-COR DNA sequencer $50,000.00
8 Charles Clinger Cash In memory of Mary Lynn Clinger for Bastrop SP Recovery Fund $500.00
9 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Rainwater Cash For Sea Center Texas $1,000.00
10 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Texas Game Warden Law Enforcement Training Center $160,000.00
11 Vicki A. Latour Cash Assist Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) program $500.00
12 Kathryn Lancaster Cash Assist Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) program $525.00
13 Personal Touch Communications Cash Funds to purchase fishing rod/reel combos to give to participants at Kid Fish Event at Cooper Lake SP $700.00
14 LQ Management LLC Cash Public Appeal for State Parks $1,542.23
15 Texas Master Natualist-Gulf Coast Chapter Cash Support of operations at Sheldon Lake SP-to include prairie restoration, education programs, special events, and basic operational needs at Sheldon $1,000.00
16 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation-Toyota Texas Bass Classic Cash Contribution for marketing activities-Neighborhood Fishing Program, 30,000.00-Take Me Fishing Trailer, 14,000.00-Outdoor Activity of the Month TV ads, 17,500.00-Interpretive display to promote Inland Fisheries, 3,000.00 $64,500.00
17 Maritech Resources, Inc. Cash Artificial Reef Program Rigs-to-Reefs $250,000.00
18 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Expansion of Texas Outdoor Family Diversity program in Houston $90,000.00
19 Lighthouse Ranch LP In Kind Repair work to a windmill including complete replacement of 8' head and leathers $725.00
20 Friends of Garner Other Goods Two 15 foot portable aluminum bleachers $2,135.00
21 Texas Agrilife Extension Service Controlled Item One 2011 Titan Livestock Trailer #5DZS60162B1007027-Used, Good Condition $3,000.00
Total $661,521.51

*Estimated value used for goods and services