Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

Contract Number Vendor Name Type of Contract Reason for Change Original Term Date Revised Term Date (if applicable) Original Contract Amount Revised Contract Amount (if applicable) Percentage Change Purchaser Date Entered
456113 Hooking Bull Boatyard Inc Service Additional lay days added to PO due to newly discovered problems with a faulty fuel tank for R/V San Antonio (#188627). 10/31/2014 5/26/2015 $1,210.25 $3,370.25 178.48% Pagie Reeves 4/2/2015
457270 Steve Hadley/Pro-Weld Internal Repair R/V San Antonio #188627: Initial Repair was to remove fuel tank, isolate leaks, repair. During course of repair work, additional problems were found requiring that new tank be fabricated rather than repairing old tank. This required an additional $3600. 12/31/2014 N/A $1,850.00 $5,450.00 194.59% Brenda Allen 4/2/2015
460837 Transport Boats Inc. Internal Repair Boat, Property #178104: Original quote was $4090.00 dated January 13, 2015. After work began a crack was discovered in the hull of deck. February 19, 2015 an additional charge of $1007.50 will be added to repair. 8/31/2015 N/A $4,090.00 $5,097.00 24.62% Brenda Allen 4/2/2015
461832 Truman Arnold Companies Goods Bulk fuel unleaded was ordered. At delivery, WMA staff determined need for bulk diesel fuel, which was added to purchase order. 2/28/2015 N/A $1,125.00 $1,600.00 42.22% Gwen Sullivan 4/7/2015