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The Community Outdoor Outreach Program (CO-OP) grant provides funding to local governments and non-profit organizations for programming that introduces under-served populations to environmental and conservation programs as well as TPWD mission oriented outdoor activities.

Who We Fund

Grants are available to tax-exempt organizations and local governments introducing non-traditional constituents to TPWD related outdoor recreation, conservation and environmental education programs. The success of this program lies in the partnerships created between TPWD and grass-roots organizations who have already established a relationship with these identified targeted audiences; females, physically/mentally challenged, ethnic minorities, low income and youth.

What We Fund

 CO-OP provides grants to tax-exempt organizations ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. This is a reimbursement grant program. Recipients must purchase eligible items and submit proper documentation before being reimbursed. Eligible organizations can apply to use these funds for programming expenses such as equipment, leasing transportation, staff, liability insurance, food, program materials, etc.

When We Fund

CO-OP grants are funded annually following the application deadline of December 4th each year.