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Creepy Crawlies

10:00a to 10:30a
Sun, October 08, 2023
Emily Byrd
(361) 645-3405

Learn to love, or at least appreciate, the creepy crawly critters all around us!

A lot of us don't like bugs. They're scary, strange, and we don't go out of our way to try to get to know them. To many of us, a good bug is a dead bug. However, bugs are vital to our way of life and help us in ways we don't often think about. There are some bugs you'll want to keep around, even inside your home! Once you know what some common "pests" do, you'll never want to evict them again. Come learn about how you can help bugs, and how they help you!

Program takes place on the mission porch.

Entrance fees apply- $4 per person, children 12 & under are free.