Ideas from Our Naturalists: Barn Owl Adaptations

Jennifer Owen-White, a Natural Resource Specialist with Texas State Parks teaches about barn owls and their special adaptations in interpretive programs at the World Birding Center. Here is a suggestion from Jennifer to illustrate the effectiveness of their feathers plus she's sharing her owl program and owl quiz with us!

"I do an owl program and the simple prop I make is easy. Just take a piece of card stock and cut it in half lengthwise. One side will be a hawk feather, the other an owl feather. Leave one of the pieces of cardboard intact (hawk feather). Cut one-quarter inch spacers out of the other leaving 1 to 1.5 inches remaining in between, making it look like a large comb (owl feather). I have the students close their eyes to focus on listening and also have them make a cup with their hand behind their ear to increase the sound transmission (like an owl's facial disc). I am attaching an owl quiz and the program outline to help if you need it. Have a wonderful day!"

Jennifer's Amazing Adaptations Barn Owl Program 
Jennifer's Outstanding Owl Quiz