Inks Lake Paddling Trail: Devil's Waterhole, Stumpy Hollow, and Waterfowl Run

Inks Lake Paddling Trail

Enjoy 1-4 miles of great paddling on Inks Lake. With two loop trails that don't need a shuttle and one linear trail that takes in some of the gorgeous Inks Lake shoreline, there's something for everyone.

Getting There

Access Site:

Inks Lake State Park
3630 Park Road 4 West
Burnet, TX 78611
$7 park entry fee (kids 12 and under enter for free)
North Fishing Pier: 30.7439, -98.3647
Park Store Boat Ramp: 30.7429, -98.3675
South Fishing Pier: 30.7341, -98.3755
All three access sites are within Inks Lake State Park. The park is located nine miles west of Burnet. Take State Highway 29 to Park Road 4, turn south (L) and go 3 miles to the park entrance. Turn right upon entering park and travel to the North Fishing  Pier or Park Store Boat Ramp, or turn left upon entering park to travel to the South Fishing Pier.

Distance from nearest major cities:

  • Abilene – 184 miles
  • Austin – 68 miles
  • Dallas – 202 miles
  • San Antonio – 110 miles
  • San Angelo – 165 miles


Area Map of Inks Lake Paddling Trails

Trail Description and Landmarks

Trail Length: 1-4 miles (depending on route taken)
Devil's Waterhole Paddling Trail – 1.7-mile loop
Waterfowl Run Paddling Trail – 1.3 miles (or 2.6-mile loop)
Stumpy Hollow Paddling Trail – 3.4-mile loop
Float Time: 1-2 hours (depending on route taken, wind speed, and time spent doing other activities like fishing)
Please note: Stumpy Hollow and Waterfowl Run share the water with motorized craft; always watch for boats. Devil's Waterhole Paddling Trail is in a no wake zone and is an easy paddle.

Devil's Waterhole Paddling Trail: This 1.7-mile loop trail takes you to the park's main attraction: Devil's Waterhole. Prepare to see the oldest rock on public land in Texas, a geological wonder that dates back 1.2 billion years. In the summer, take a dip in the water to cool off. Witness the leaves change from green to red in the fall. Paddlers will enjoy an easy paddle in this no wake zone, so you wont see any motorboats.

Waterfowl Run Paddling Trail: Head out onto the open waters of Inks Lake on this 1.3-mile trail, where jetskis and motorboats travel. Be on the lookout for great blue herons fishing along the banks. The lush riparian areas provide homes for all kinds of birds, from wading ducks and geese to fluttering songbirds.

Stumpy Hollow Paddling Trail: This 3.4-mile loop trail takes you through a quiet cove on the southern banks of the park. Take a look beneath you while you paddle to see the totally submerged trees which provide great hiding places for sunfish, bass, catfish, and more. Fishing is great here! These cypress trees were left uncut when Inks Dam was built, giving Stumpy Hollow its name. Paddle along the secluded coves and explore the bank for jagged outcroppings of granite and gneiss rocks. On warm days, you might spot turtles sunbathing on the rocks.

Fishing and Wildlife

Inks Lake offers great fishing opportunities, with plenty of largemouth bass, sunfish, white bass, crappie, catfish, and some striped bass. Target the network of gravel beds and brush piles near the north fishing pier for game species. Visit the Park Store to enjoy our free tackle loaner program if you forgot yours
The most common mammals seen are white-tailed deer, raccoon, squirrel, armadillo, skunk and rabbit. You may occasionally see fox, ringtail or a coyote too. Enjoy views of turkey vultures, great blue herons, snowy egrets, mallard and wood ducks, cardinals, flycatchers, swallows, wrens, quail, sparrows, owls, hawks, and ospreys. Migratory birds like Canada geese, hummingbirds and pelicans also frequent the park.

Private Property

Respect private property by not trespassing or littering and keeping noise levels down. Any use of private river banks or lake shore without permission of the landowner can be considered trespassing. Under Texas Penal Code (§30.05), criminal trespass occurs when one enters property after receiving notice not to enter. Notice includes verbal notice, a fence, sign(s), purple paint on posts or trees, or the visible presence of crops grown for human consumption.

Area Attractions

For more information please see the TPWD Paddling Events calendar.

Area museums, shopping and restaurants

Burnet, Llano, and Marble Falls are a short drive from the park and offer plenty of additional entertainment and amenities.

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Many stories and legends surround Longhorn Cavern. But geology is what makes it truly unique. Explore the cavern for yourself.

Inks Dam National Fish Hatchery

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Balcones National Wildlife Refuge

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This trail was made possible through Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and our colleagues at Inks Lake State Park.

Shuttles & Rentals

Inks Lake State Park

Rent paddle boats, canoes, one- to two-person kayaks, life jackets, and paddles at the park store. Canoes and kayaks are $20/hour and paddle boats are $15/hour. Weather permitting, rentals are available Monday-Thursday, 9am-2pm and Friday-Sunday, 9am-3pm.

Additional Rental Options

Please see park for list of additional rental services in the area. Additionally, for those needing service outside of those hours, the following companies can be contacted.

Just Yakin Kayak and SUP Rentals


Bwright Fishing and WaterSports


Splash Boat Rentals and Sales