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Texas River/Stream Flow Information

The River/Stream Flow Application utilizes United States Geological Survey (USGS) Real-time Water Data located at Directions for using these pages are available. Please refer to the TPWD Accessibility Policy for any problems accessing these pages.

Flow data for Texas Rivers/Streams is downloaded from the USGS website to a Texas Parks Wildlife server and placed into a format which allows end users to view USGS data via a spatial format.

This application calls the USGS server and updates on the Texas River Guide automatically every 15 minutes. End users must refresh their screens periodically in order to obtain the most current USGS River/Stream flow information.

The Texas Parks Wildlife Department (TPWD) accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the flow data provided on this site. Non-TPWD sources,such as USGS and other cooperating entities, generate this data. TPWD has put the data in a form intended to be convenient for users of the Texas River Guide.