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Fishing Regulations for Red River

To combat the spread of invasive zebra mussels, the law requires draining of water from boats and onboard receptacles when leaving or approaching public fresh waters.

Below Lake Texoma
It is unlawful to transport live, non-game fishes from this water body to any other water body. Nongame fishes may be collected and used for bait within the same water body.
Black bass
For largemouth and smallmouth bass, minimum length limit = 14 inches. No minimum length for Alabama, Guadalupe or spotted bass. Daily bag limit is 5 fish for all black bass species in any combination.
White, striped and yellow bass
Below Lake Texoma
For striped bass and hybrid striped bass, there is no minimum length limit; daily bag = 5 fish and culling of striped bass is prohibited. For white bass, minimum length = 10 inches and daily bag is 25. There are no bag or size limits for yellow bass.
There is no minimum length limit or daily bag limit for common carp.
Below Lake Texoma
For flathead catfish, MLL = 20 inches and daily bag = 5. For channel and blue catfish, their hybrids and subspecies; MLL = 12 inches. Daily bag = 25 catfish in any combination of channel, blue, or their hybrids.
For white and black crappie, their hybrids and subspecies, minimum length limit = 10 inches. Daily bag limit = 25 in any combination.
For alligator gar, daily bag limit is 1 fish of any size. No bag limits on other species of gar. Certain areas may be temporarily closed to alligator gar fishing when optimum spawning conditions occur. Get details.
There is no minimum length or daily bag limit on bluegill, redear, warmouth or other species of sunfish.
For rainbow and brown trout, their hybrids and subspecies, there is no minimum length and daily bag limit = 5 trout in any combination.