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CARES Act Fishery Disaster Grant- FAQs

**Only Report Gross Income on Applications**

What types of fishing-related participants are eligible for assistance?

All eligible commercial fishermen (wholesale seafood and bait dealers, and fishing guides) must have held one of the following licenses during the 2020 license year (September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020):
Bay Shrimp Boat License (Type 336 or 436)
Bait Shrimp Boat License (Type 337 or 437)
Gulf Shrimp Boat License (Type 330 or 430)
Commercial Oyster Boat License (Type 306 or 406)
Commercial Finfish Fisherman License (Type 371 or 361)
Commercial Fishing Boat License (Type 304 or 404)
Commercial Crab Fisherman’s License (Type (338 or 438)
Commercial Mussel and Clam Fisherman License(Type (320 or 420)
Class C Menhaden License (Type 339)
Wholesale Fish Dealer License (Type 314)
Wholesale Fish Truck Dealer License (Type 315)
Bait Shrimp Dealer License (Type 335)
Bait Dealer-Place of Business/Building License (Type 515)
Bait Dealer-Place of Business/Motor Vehicle License (Type 516)
Bait Dealer - Individual (Type 312)
All-Water Fishing Guide License (Type 610 or 710)
All-Water Paddle Craft Guide License (Type 650 or 750)

Why don't holders of a general commercial fisherman or shrimp/Oyster fisherman licenses qualify?

The vessel (oyster,shrimp) license are limited entry and are required to land product in those fisheries.

I am fishing for crab or finfish under an affidavit, do I qualify for funding?

No, only the official license holder of the crab or finfish license may apply. The landings of a general commercial fisherman fishing license under affidavit would go towards the crab/finfish license holder. Any agreement between the license holder and the general commercial fishermen are between them, and will not affect qualification for funding. If there are instances where Trip Ticket landings do not show the license holder (i.e. dealer did not provide plate number), proof of those landings would be required in an appeal.

Do Texas residents participating in a marine fishery in another state qualify for funding?

A Texas resident with an appropriate license to participate in a commercial marine fishery in another state may qualify for funding if they were not eligible to receive CARES Act funds in the state of participation; however, they must also provide proof of participation in that other state's fishery (i.e. Licenses and Trip Tickets)

How will it be determined if a fishery's losses meet the 35 percent standard loss?

The primary impact period associated with COVID-19 in Texas was from mid-March through May 2020. During this period/license year Texas had a total of 8,090 license holders within the eligible sectors. In determining loss, the impact loss period will cover the 12-month period ending Dec 2020. Loss determination will be made based on sector-specific economic data (ex. Trip Tickets for fishermen) for the impact year (Jan 1, 2020 through Dec. 31, 2020) and compared against the average of the same months for the years 2015-2019 (e.g. Jan 1, 2015 – Dec31, 2015 = year 1; Jan 1, 2016 – Dec. 31, 2016 = year 2, etc.).

How can I calculate whether I had a geater than 35% loss in 2020?

To calculate whether you had a greater than 35% loss in 2020, you will need your gross revenue (i.e. income) from the business for each year starting in 2015 and ending in 2020. All revenue for the business associated with the sector in which you are applying must be included. Revenue not related to the sector in which you are applying cannot be included.

First calculate your average yearly gross revenue as the sum of the yearly revenue for years 2015-2019 divided by the number of years you had revenue from that business. The 2020 loss can be calculated as: 2020 Loss = (2015-2019 Average Revenue) - (2020 Revenue). The 2020 loss percentage can be calculated as: 2020 loss% = (2020 Loss/2015to2019)*100.

Example 1:

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Total 2015-2019 Number of Years with Revenue 2015-2019 Average Revenue
$15,000 $12,000 $9,000 $10,000 $7,000 $53,000 5 $10,600

2020 Revenue = $5,000

2020 Loss = $10,600 - $5,000 = $5,600
2020Loss% = ($5,600/$10,600)* = 52%

Examole 2:

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Total 2015-2019 Number of Years with Revenue 2015-2019 Average Revenue
$0 $27,000 $9,000 $10,000 $7,000 $53,000 4 $13,250

2020 Revenue = $5,000

2020 Loss = $13,250 - $5,000 = $8,250
2020Loss% = ($8,250/$13,250)* = 62%

What form will payment be in?

Direct payment. These direct relief payments will be issued by the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (GSMFC) based on the applicant meeting eligibility requirements as specified in the CARES Act and verified by TPWD. These funds will be used to cover and/or reimburse individuals or businesses for uninsured losses, losses not covered through other federal funding sources (e.g. FEMA, SBA Loans, etc.) or out-of-pocket expenses already incurred.

When will the application process be open and for how long?

The application period will open from February1, 2021 to March 18, 2021, a total of 45-days. The application process will require applicants to provide supporting materials that may include Texas for-hire license information, documentation of revenue loss, confirmation of booking services, tax or accounting records, or other supporting information. The affidavit will require additional acknowledgements and self-certification with penalties outlined for submitting false information. The application deadline is March 18, 2021.

How can I apply?

You may apply online or through mail. Please note that online applications are preferred and will be processed quicker. However, letters have been sent to every commercial license holder in eligible categories with printed applications. If you require further assistance, need copies of the application mailed to you or have questions, contact:

For-Hire: Zack Thomas - work: 512-389-8448

Commercial Wholesale or Bait Dealer: Justin Esslinger - cell 361-813-2835; work 361-729-2328 x236

Commercial Fisherman: Cindy Bohannon - cell: 832-720-2102; work: 281-534-0117

Applications are also available in Vietnamese and Spanish upon request.

Where can I find more information about spending and allocation of CARES Act money?

Please see NOAA Fisheries’ FAQ page.

Why are corporations like HEB or Wal-Mart unable to apply for funds?

Businesses farther down the supply chain involved in the retail of seafood are not considered fishery-related businesses and are therefore not eligible for the purposes of this funding per NOAA.

I own multiple qualifying licenses (ex. I have 3 gulf shrimp boat licenses). Can I apply to one license that shows a loss?

We consider a separate business to be one with its own tax ID (SSN or EIN). You must combine the revenue produced under all qualifying licenses under an individual SSN or EIN, as it would be combined on your taxes. If you have multiple licenses within a sector that all operate under a single SSN or EIN you must have a greater than 35% loss for 2020 in that business within that sector not just with a single license. You may submit one application per SSN/EIN per sector.

For Example: A shrimp boat owner has 2 boats but operates them as a single business with a single EIN. Shrimp boat 1 had a 2020 loss of 50% (2020 revenue: $100,000; 2015-2019 5 yer average revenue: $200,000). Shrimp boat 2 only had a 10% loss (2020 revenue: $450,000; 2015-2019 5 year average revenue: $500,000). Although one vessel has a greater than 35% loss in 2020, the business has only a 21% loss (2020 revenue: $550,000; 2015-2019 5 year average revenue: $700,000). This applicant does not meet the greater than 35% loss threshold.

I own multiple fishery-related businesses. Should I apply for funds for all of them?

We consider a separate business to be one with its own SSN or EIN. You may submit one application per SSN/EIN per sector. However, if applying in two separate sectors, you must demonstrate losses for each sector that are independent of each other (ex. for-hire revenue must be separated from commercial fisherman revenue.

Am I required to have a history of landings in the sector where I am applying?

Yes- you must demonstrate a history of landings by trip tickets for commercial fisherman or commercial wholesale and bait dealers or via certification for for-hire guides.


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