Stocking Public Waters

Each year, the Inland and Coastal Fisheries divisions of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stock approximately 40 million fish in public lakes, ponds, and saltwater bays. Many of these fish are produced in the state's three saltwater and five freshwater hatcheries. Use the pages in this section to find out what, where, and why we stock.

Fish Stocking Reports

Special Programs

Most fish are stocked as fingerlings or fry. These small fish may take several years to grow to sizes that would interest an angler. In some cases, however, the department stocks adult fish for immediate harvest. Schedules for these special stocking programs are listed here.

Why Do We Stock Fish?

Stocking can be a useful fisheries management tool, but it is not a cure-all for poor fishing. The numbers spawned by wild populations usually outweigh the numbers produced and stocked by TPWD hatcheries. However, stocking can be helpful for: