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 Take me fishing because I’m growing up too fast.

Texas State Parks are proud to host “Free Fishing in State Parks,” a year-round program to encourage folks to spend time enjoying one of America’s greatest pastimes.

Q: What is "Free Fishing in State Parks"?
A: "Free Fishing in State Parks" is an effort to encourage both adults and youth to discover the excitement and joys of fishing. To encourage this, fishing licenses will not be required of anyone fishing within the boundaries of any state park.
Q: Who is able to participate in the "Free Fishing in State Parks" events?
A: Any visitor to a State Park will be exempt from normal fishing license requirements while fishing within the park property.
Q: Will anglers still pay State Park entry fees?
A: Yes, all other fees will still be in effect. Only the fishing license and stamp requirements are waived.
Q: I will be visiting a park on the coast. Will I need a saltwater stamp?
A: No, the saltwater stamp and freshwater stamps are considered to be part of the license requirement and will be waived for those fishing inside State Parks.
Q: Will catch, bag and size limits still be in effect?
A: All regulations except the license and stamp requirements will remain in effect. If an angler wishes to retain an oversized red drum that requires a trophy tag, he must purchase a fishing license, even if inside a State Park.
Q: How will I know exactly where I can fish without a license?
A: To be sure you remain within the State Park, check with park staff for specific information regarding the park boundaries before fishing.
Q: Will I be able to fish in a city or county park without a license?
A: No, the "Free Fishing in State Parks" license exemption will only be in effect for Texas State Parks. For more information, please see our list of participating State Parks.