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Lake Texana

Locations of Fish Habitat Structures

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Twenty-four Georgia-style PVC structures were deployed in 5 locations within the lower half of the lake to provide bottom-up effects enhancing phytoplankton growth and act as a refuge and food source for various prey in areas where habitat was previously void or limited. These fish habitat structures were deployed in shoreline (sites 1 and 2) and boat (all sites) locations that anglers can access and utilize. Locations are shown on the map and chart below. Anglers may use GPS in conjunction with a fish finder to locate the attractors. Coordinates are also available in downloadable files.

Outline of lake showing locations of fish attractors

Coordinates are in degrees, decimal minutes (DDM)
Each marked location contains a cluster of PVC cubes and/or commercial structures.
# Latitude Longitude Description
1 28°57.4134' 96°32.2368'  
2 28° 56.1834' 96° 32.2752'  
3 28° 55.266' 96° 33.8874'  
4 28° 54.6684'  96° 32.568  
5 28° 54.3612'  96° 32.7168'