Locations of Fish Habitat Structures

TPWD's Inland Fisheries Division continually strives to make fishing better and more accessible for its customers. One great way to do both is through the addition of fish habitat structures in selected areas within major reservoirs. Well-placed, quality habitat structures can benefit fish by providing protective cover and foraging area, and they can also concentrate fish and improve anglers’ catch rates.

Texas Fish Habitat Structure Viewer

To view the locations of the habitat structures, you can use our Habitat Structure Viewer or download the CSV, GPX, KML, and shapefiles.

Within the Habitat Structure Viewer, you can:

Once in the Habitat Structure Viewer, you can view the User Guide by clicking on the 'i' in the upper right corner.

Download the data files. The data files include CSV, GPX, KML, and shapefiles for the fish habitat structures in major Texas reservoirs. Please make sure that your fish finder GPS device is set to the decimal degree position format before uploading fish habitat structures. View instructions for changing the format.

Partner organizations around the state have worked with TPWD to create and install these fish attractors. Visit Friends of Reservoirs for more information about these collaborative habitat projects.

Types of Fish Habitat Structures. See a detailed description of each of the different types of fish habitat structures used by TPWD.