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Tradinghouse Creek Reservoir

Locations of Fish Habitat Structures

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Working in cooperation with the Baylor Tri-Beta National Biological Honor Society, TPWD installed bamboo "crappie condos" at strategic points in the lake. Additionally, 5 pvc cubes were installed together in one reef, about 15’ deep at full pool by the Waco Fisheries Crew. Locations of these fish-attracting structures are shown on the map below. Coordinates are also available in downloadable files.

Partial lake map showing attractor sites

Coordinates are in decimal degrees
  Latitude Longitude
1 31.553667 -96.967117
2 31.553583 -96.967433
3 31.55315 -96.967333
4 31.552917 -96.967433
5 31.552967 -96.967683
6 31.55305 -96.96735