Texas State Parks Special Event, Media, Short-Term Concession Application

Please complete the Application in its entirety. This is not a contract. If the application is approved a contract must be developed and executed prior to the start date of the event. You will be notified of the status of your application by the Park Superintendent. There may be additional documentation in follow-up to this application.

General Event, Filming and Concession Information
Type of Event  

Event Type Activities Check all that apply
If Media Production Check all that apply
Contact Information
Organization mailing address:
List two references from previous events/filming/concession in Texas State Parks or previous venues.(State Park referenced first, other references only if State Park reference information not available)
Event Details
What is the estimated number of participants (including spectators and staff) each day?
Will the Event's registration fees include the Park's per-person entrance fee?

What is the estimated registration fee?
Use of Facilities
Do you plan to have (check all that apply)
NOTE: public consumption or display of alcohol is prohibited in Texas State Parks Rules
Will you need to rent any State Park facilities?  

NOTE: The Event Organizer is responsible for renting all facilities.

Reservations are available:

Will the event/film/concession require or include the use of Check all that apply
Additional items needed for events from the above selections are the responsibility of the Organizer
Emergency Management Plan

An Emergency Management Plan (EMP) may be required for special events and large-scale filming productions.

Email your completed EMP to the Park Superintendent to be attached with your application. The EMP must be received by the Park Superintendent prior to application approval.

Insurance Requirements

A Certificate of Insurance must be obtained by the Organization meeting the minimum requirements established on the State Park Special Events/Filming/Concessions page.

The Certificate of Insurance meeting the minimum requirements must be received by the Park Superintendent prior to any event activities/set-up can begin.

Organizer's Responsibilities

It is your responsibility, as the Organizer, to ensure that all structures, activities, staff/volunteers, participants, and third-party service providers are informed of and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and requirements established on the State Park Special Events/Filming/Concessions page.

Acceptance of Organizer
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