Getting Started

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To make your application process go quickly and smoothly, there are a few things you will want to have on-hand before you apply for hunts.

Note: Once submitted, applications cannot be changed, including adding or removing an applicant.

What you will need to have

  • an email address. At least one person on each application must have an email account. It is recommended that you use a personal email for correspondence with the Public Hunt Draw System. Business email accounts are subject to additional cyber security rules which could block, quarantine or delete emails from the Public Hunt Draw System.
  • a credit or debit card. Payments can be made with Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
  • Your unique ID number. A unique ID can be a Customer ID number, Driver’s License number, Social Security Number or Passport number. Customers who have previously purchased a hunting or fishing license, or who have applied for a drawn hunt, should already have an account with a Customer ID number.

Find or create your account

Each person must have an account in the system before they can be added to an application. If you have previously purchased a hunting or fishing license or have applied for a drawn hunt in the past, you should already have an account. Encourage your group members to search the system to make sure their account exists, make updates if needed or create an account if one does not exist.

Applying as a group

The Public Hunt System allows multiple people to apply together as a group. We recommended getting together with your group and coordinating a few details before you start the application process.

Here’s what you will need for each individual hunter:

  • Customer account information:
    • Last name and date of birth
    • And one of the following: Customer ID number (12-digit number found on a hunting or fishing license), or Driver’s License number and state, or Social Security Number, or Passport number and country.
  • Email addresses: Selection notices will be sent to all email addresses on the application. Email addresses that contain the words "junk", "spam" or "do not reply" will be marked as invalid and no information will be sent to these addresses.
  • Phone numbers: It may be necessary for TPWD staff to contact winners by telephone.
  • Payment: Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.
    • Application fees must be paid when the applications are submitted.
    • You may pay your permit fees for yourself and others.

Find hunts

There are two ways to find hunts:

  • Browse the online Hunt Catalog:
    • Search by hunt category (for example, Gun Deer – Either Sex or E-Postcard Feral Hog).
    • Search by location using the interactive map.
  • Review the Drawn Hunt deadlines
  • Download a printable PDF of the complete Hunt Catalog.
    • No need to sit in front of a screen.
    • Once you have decided on your hunts, return to Drawn Hunts Home and hit the green Apply for Hunts button to select and add hunts to your shopping cart.

Note: Once submitted, applications cannot be changed, including adding or removing and applicant.

More questions?

Visit the FAQs page for answers to questions about the Application process, Loyalty Points, payment process and post-drawing information.

Instructions on using the system can be found by clicking the QUESTIONS button found in the top-right corner throughout the Public Hunt System.