Keechi Creek WMA

Phone: (903) 389-7080
1670 FM 488
Streetman, TX 75859

Contact: Ryan Assenheimer

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Access is limited. Please see the Annual Public Hunting Permit page and Drawn hunt system for hunting access information.


Keechie Creek WMA
Keechi Creek Wildlife Management Area (KCWMA) is located in northeastern Leon County, and lies within the Post Oak Savannah Ecological Region. The area contains 1,500 acres of mostly bottomland hardwood forest at the confluence of Keechi and Buffalo creeks. KCWMA was purchased by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) in the spring of 1986 with funds provided by the Texas Waterfowl Stamp and from mitigation funds. The acquisition fulfilled the wildlife habitat mitigation obligation of the Brazos River Authority for losses resulting from the construction of Sterling C. Robertson Dam and Lake Limestone on the Navasota River in Robertson and Leon Counties. The area was purchased primarily for the preservation of bottomland hardwoods and for use as a waterfowl management area. It was the first non-coastal waterfowl habitat acquired in part with Texas Waterfowl Stamp funds. KCWMA is a virtual island of bottomland hardwood habitat surrounded by “improved” coastal Bermuda pastures.

The area has a moderate climate with hot summers and moderately cold winters. Because it is a woodland area, the temperatures are somewhat more stable than adjacent open pasturelands. Temperatures range from a maximum in July of 95°F to a minimum in January of 38°F. Nearly all of KCWMA is seasonally flooded in wet years. Alluvial soils on KCWMA are mostly loams. About 90% of the area is wooded, with 10% open (including some brush, saplings, and marshes). Major overstory tree species include willow oak, water oak, overcup oak, and post oak with a few cedar and American elm on the upland transitional zones. Major understory species include flowering dogwood, yaupon, rattanvine, farkleberry, dewberry, greenbriar, wild grape, common trumpet creeper and American beautyberry. The most common grasses include giant cane, switchgrass, rescuegrass and eastern gamagrass. Most of the forbs present are annuals and include giant ragweed, yankeeweed, Levenworth eryngo, black-eyed susan and beggar's ticks. A comprehensive inventory of the Area has not been conducted. Principal wildlife species include (in rough order of generated public use): white tailed deer, feral hog, grey squirrel, waterfowl, and swamp rabbit. Fishing is not permitted on KCWMA because of lack of access. No endangered animals or plants are known to inhabit the area. The State Threatened timber rattlesnake is common on the area.

Hunters interested in small game may hunt on designated days with the Annual Public Hunting Permit and a hunting license. Waterfowl, Multi-species, and Feral hog hunts are available by postcard application. Gun deer hunters are currently selected by drawing in order to provide an enjoyable and safe outdoor experience and help to properly manage the resource.

Be aware that three varieties of venomous snakes are documented on the property. All visitors over the age of 17 years must possess either an Annual Public Hunting (APH) Permit or Limited Public Use Permit to utilize the WMA. These permits are available at all license sale locations or by calling 1 (800) TXLIC4U (895-4248). Permits are not for sale at the WMA.

Please Note
  • Entry restricted to designated entry point only.
  • Use caution during heavy rains, flooding may occur.
  • Restroom facilities and potable water are not available on the WMA.