McGillivray and Leona McKie Muse WMA

Phone: (254) 434-3184
Brownwood, TX

Contact: Devin Erxleben

Dates Open: Closed except for drawn hunts.


Established in 2006, the McGillivray and Leona McKie Muse WMA consists of 1,972.5 acres in Brown County, 15 miles Northeast of Brownwood, Texas East of U.S. Highway 183 and north of F.M. 1467 on CR 478. The operation of MWMA includes the development and management of wildlife habitats and populations of indigenous and migratory wildlife species. MWMA also provides areas to demonstrate habitat development and wildlife management practices to landowners and other interested groups; develop new techniques for managing wildlife populations and habitat through on-the-ground research designed for local issues and conditions; and provide public hunting and appreciative use of wildlife in a manner compatible with the resource.