Guadalupe Delta WMA: Hiking

Phone: (361) 552-6637
13815 S. Hwy. 35
Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Contact: Kevin Kriegel

Dates Open:

Portions are open daily for fishing and nonconsumptive use. Contact the Area Manager for hunting or tour dates.


Hiking Permitted

Hiking is an enjoyable activity that is available in many of the Wildlife Management Areas of Texas. Since potable water is not available on many of the Wildlife Management Areas, it is a good idea to bring plenty of drinking water.

Hiking on the Guadalupe River Unit is allowed along the two mile part of River Road, the part of the county road that accesses the area and runs parallel to the river. Hiking is also allowed in the narrow strip between the road and the river, although thick undergrowth in most places makes walking difficult. This low lying road is unpaved clay which can be hard to maneuver with the humid environment.