Mason Mountain WMA

Wildlife Research

Efficacy of Prostaglandin-F2a/Betamethasone as an Abortifaciant in Captive White-tailed Deer

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Mason Mountain WMA, Mason, Texas

Management of reproduction in captive white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) might occasionally require an effective means of terminating pregnancy. A previous report suggested that a single injection of prostaglandin-F2a and betamethasone (PG-F2a/B) might be effective. This study addressed the efficacy of PG-F2a/B as an abortifaciant in white-tailed deer. Eighteen captive white-tailed deer does from the Kerr WMA breeding facilities, all presumed to be bred, were utilized in the study. Nine does were assigned randomly to a treatment group, while the remaining were assigned to a control group. On 15 January 2001, PG-F2a/B was administered to the treatment group, while the control group was not injected. Sixty-eight days post-injection, all does were euthanized and pregnancy status was determined. Comparisons between the 2 groups indicated that PG-F2a/B was not effective at terminating pregnancy in captive white-tailed.