The Texas Brigades is a wildlife-focused leadership development program for high school youth (ages 13-17). There are eight different camps: Bobwhite Brigade (Rolling Plains & South Texas), Buckskin Brigade (South Texas & North Texas), Bass Brigade, Waterfowl Brigade, Ranch Brigade, and Coastal Brigade. You will be introduced to habitat management, hone your communication skills, and develop a land ethic. The state's leading wildlife and fisheries biologists and land managers serve as instructors and mentors. Each camp is about 5 days long.

The camps are held on private ranches and at environmental camps in different areas of the state. In addition to learning animal anatomy and behavior, botany, nutrition, habitat management, population dynamics, etc., you will learn valuable leadership skills. You will write news releases, practice public speaking, and find out how to handle radio and television interviews.

Through these activities, you will develop valuable life skills that will help you regardless of your career goals.

If you are interested in biology, conservation, leadership, or just appreciate the outdoors, you should consider applying to one of our camps. Find a career, meet new friends, and become an ambassador for conservation.

Bobwhite Brigades

Quail hunting can be hit or miss in Texas. Because of the bobwhite's distribution, as well as its habitat needs, consider yourself lucky if you've ever had a chance to hunt Texas quail! Whether it's a "boom" or "bust" year, hearing the familiar "bob-white" whistle can excite novice and experienced hunters, photographers and conservationists, alike.

Buckskin Brigades

Whether you are an experienced hunter or a novice nature buff, nothing stirs the blood like sighting-in on a well-antlered buck as he steps into a clearing on an early, crisp, fall morning. Young Texas deer enthusiasts with a sincere "yearning for learning" should make plans to apply to one of our Buckskin Brigade programs.

Bass Brigade

There is nothing quite like the feel of a bass tugging on your line! If you love fishing in Texas, or just being out on the water, then you should join us for the Bass Brigade! You will learn a lot about the different fish species and ways to improve their environment, as well as protect and improve the water quality of Texas' waterways, ponds, lakes, bays, and estuaries.

Waterfowl Brigade

If sounds of whistling wings from the great fall flight entice your senses, then the Waterfowl Brigade is for you! The intense, five-day camp centers on the ecology of ducks and other water-birds that fly around Texas. The Waterfowl Brigade motivates cadets to become conservation ambassadors by learning the necessary skills to become the leaders of tomorrow. All you need is a love for hunting, nature, and/or the outdoors and a willingness to learn.

Ranch Brigade

Texas Brigades is proud to work with a new group of volunteers who have organized the Ranch Brigade. This 5-day program will encompass sustainable beef production from conception to consumer. The Brigade model of leadership development, education, and empowerment will be just like other Brigade programs.

Coastal Brigade

Texas Brigades added Coastal Brigade Camp to the line-up in 2016. This 5-day program encompasses coastal habitat management, fisheries management, coastal ecology and saltwater fishing. The tried and true Brigades model of leadership development, education, and empowerment continues at Coastal Brigade.

Contact Texas Brigades

Visit our website at for additional camp information and to learn how to apply! We are headquartered in San Antonio, TX and can be reached at (210) 556-1391 or email us at