Checklists and Identification

Checking the bird field guide

Birding always presents an intellectual challenge because there are lots of different species. And Texas is a particularly birdy state. Some birds, due to their cryptic or furtive nature, present great challenges to the birder. Frequently you need to sort many separate and incomplete clues to come up with the proper identification. The birder doesn’t always get a good long look at the bird.

Birdwatching and reviewing birders' book
Sometimes much of the bird’s body is hidden behind foliage or it is flying away. Many times the light is terrible, or the bird continues to disappear from view. While a field guide purchased at your local bookstore or online bookseller is going to give you the best help in bird identification, here are some resources that well help you get your regional or state list started as well as distinguish between some specific types of birds.

Birdwatcher recording birds he's seen

Supplemental Information

Please refer to the Texas Birds Records Committee to report rare or unusual birds.

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