Pronghorn Permits

Pronghorn Harvest Report

Harvest data submission is mandatory and due by October 31st of the current hunting season. Failure to submit harvest data by the October 31 deadline means you will be ineligible for pronghorn permits next season .

Getting Started

Panhandle Pronghorn Herd Unit Interactive Map

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  • Who can apply for permits?
    Landowners or Land Managers of properties within the state of Texas. Property should lie within a Pronghorn Herd Unit (see maps below). Landowner signature is required on all applications. Hunters can contact landowners regarding available permits by viewing the Pronghorn Lease List » webpage. Lease information for the current season is usually available mid-to-late August.
  • How do I apply for permits?
    Contact your local Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Biologist for a Landowner Permit Application. Don't know your biologist? Find a Wildlife Biologist in your area. Completed applications should be returned to your local biologist.
  • When do I apply?
    Applications are accepted throughout the year. To be eligible for a permit during the current hunting season, applications are requested by July 1st.Pronghorn permits are determined for specific tracts and are usually mailed to qualifying applicants in mid-August.
  • How many permits will I get?
    The number of permits issued within a Herd Unit is based upon results of annual surveys (pronghorn numbers, sex ratios, and fawn crops). Permits are allocated to specific tracts within a Herd Unit, which is directly related to acres of pronghorn habitat for each tract. Permit demand often exceeds the harvestable surplus, so not all landowners will receive a permit every year.
  • How much do permits cost?
    Permits are free. Receipt of permits is dependent upon timely submission of application and harvest cards. Applications must be submitted by July 1. Pronghorn Harvest Cards are due by October 31.
  • What is the Pronghorn Lease List?
    The TPWD Pronghorn Lease List webpage is a list of landowners who have available permits and are willing to be contacted by hunters. Landowners can indicate interest in being included on the Pronghorn Lease List on the permit application form or contact their local TPWD biologist at any time.
  • TPWD wants to lease your property!
    If you are interested in TPWD leasing your property for a pronghorn hunt (public draw), please select the type of hunt you are interested in providing on your permit application form or contact your local TPWD biologist at any time.
  • Who do I contact for more information?
    For more information regarding pronghorn Lease permits or the application process, contact your local TPWD biologist.