Pronghorn Age Results

A process called cementum annuli forensic aging will be used to estimate ages of harvested pronghorn. The procedure requires the two front teeth (incisors) from the harvested animal's lower jaw. Incisor removal from the lower jaw will not affect your trophy if you plan to have it mounted. Age estimates will be provided to hunters who participate in the check stations free of charge. Age results will be posted on our website by check station receipt number once data is received from the lab (usually in January, following the fall hunting season).

Biologists also encourage all hunters who harvest pronghorn in the Panhandle to bring their harvested animal to a check station. Information from your animal will be used in comparative analysis with the experimental areas and your animal will be aged for free.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is asking hunters to mail in teeth from their harvested pronghorn. Please see Pronghorn Age Survey Sheet for the details and instructions.

Results posted 2/14/2023.

Age estimates of harvested pronghorn in 2022

Sample Number Age Results