Wildlife Rehabilitators for Montgomery County

NOTE: Small mammals do not include deer or deer fawns unless otherwise stated.

Small raptors include smaller birds of prey such as screech owls & kestrels, etc.

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Name City Specialization Contact Information
Borrello, DeniseMontgomeryOpossums936-449-6051 (daytime hrs)
Coudert, CathieMagnoliaSmall Mammals281-881-0677 (9a-9p) chcoudert@yahoo.com
Dressler, SherronThe WoodlandsBirds (excl. raptors)281-296-0642 (8am - 7pm within an hour's distance)
Friends of Texas WildlifeMagnoliaSmall mammals (including fawns), Birds (including raptors) and Reptiles/Amphibians281-259-0039 (8a-8p) or ftwl.center@gmail.com
Gibson, LisaStagecoachSmall mammals (including transport and stabilization of fawns)281-259-8724 or 281-467-6936 (reasonable hrs) winterhawk@att.net
Hogan, VirginiaMontgomerySmall mammals (specializes in squirrels) and White-tailed deer (fawn through adult)936-597-3951 (10a-7p) or 936-443-1012 (10a-7p) or hogansnuthouse@gmail.com
Kyle, ElaineClevelandInfant squirrels only281-592-8204 or 281-731-6428 (8am - 9pm)
Milsom, JimWillisSmall mammals only, no fawns936-856-2848
Wade, DeniseMontgomerySmall mammals (specializes in uninjured infant/baby squirrels only)(936) 449-6051
Wildlife Center of TexasHoustonMammals, birds, reptiles and oiled wildlife response713-861-WILD