Wildlife Rehabilitators for Smith County

NOTE: Small mammals do not include deer or deer fawns unless otherwise stated. Small raptors include smaller birds of prey such as screech owls & kestrels, etc.

Wildlife Rehabilitators for Smith County.
Name City Specialization Contact Information
Chab, NatashaFlintSmall mammals, bear, bobcat, coyote, and reptiles(402) 318-2094 (8 am - 7 pm) or awildlifears@gmail.com
Grage, BeverlyLindaleRaptors (eagles, hawks, owls, vultures)903-882-7480 (24 hrs) or 903-316-4848 or bpgrage@att.net
Graham, TowanaTylerRaccoon, squirrel, and skunk903-526-9448 (anytime) memescritters3rs@yahoo.com
Owen, Emily TylerSmall mammals, raptors, predators and fawn (903) 343-9061 (7:00am - 10:00pm) or (903) 858-1008 (9:00am - 5:00pm) tigress1@tigerlink.org
Thibodeaux, TanyaFlintRiver otters and Beavers onlytanyathibodeaux@aol.com or www.ARCforwildlife.com or 903-780-9264 anytime for river otters and beavers only

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