Wildlife Rehabilitators for Travis County

NOTE: Small mammals do not include deer or deer fawns unless otherwise stated.

Small raptors include smaller birds of prey such as screech owls & kestrels, etc.

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Name City Specialization Contact Information
Ahr, KelleyAustinFawns512-796-6672 (anytime) or 512-757-2782 (8am-3pm) kelleyahr@hotmail.com
All Things Wild RehabilitationAustin & SurroundingMammals and songbirds512-897-0806 (8am - 8pm) allthingswildrehab@gmail.com
Austin Area Wildlife RehabilitationAustinMammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians512-709-6335
Austin Science and Nature CenterAustin 512-327-8181 ext. 17 or 18, 9am - 5pm Mon-Sat and 12 noon -
Austin Wildlife Rescue, Inc.AustinMammals (incl. deer), birds, reptiles, amphibians512-472-9453 (anytime), intake hrs: 9am-4pm (intake center: 5401 E. MLK Blvd.)
Davis Orth, KarenAustinSmall mammals (specializing in raccoons, coyotes, foxes, bobcats and armadillos)512-924-9556 (any reasonable time)
Dettbarn, ShandraAustinSmall mammals (specializes in squirrels, opossums, raccoons)512-519-9927 (daytime) or 512-660-3568 (daytime) or spradlings@gmail.com
DuPay, LeanneLakewaySmall mammals and Fawns512-694-1811 (7am-11pm)
Harrison, TonieLakewaySmall mammals (including fawns) (specializing in bobcats, ringtails, squirrels and opossums)512-623-9080 (anytime) or pilot35@att.net
Hayden, NatalieManorSongbirds and Small mammals (excluding fawns)512-402-4310 (8a-10p) keepingtexaswild@gmail.com
Hendrix-Hebert, EricaAustinSmall mammals (including emergency care of fawns)512-417-9713 (24 hrs)
Higginbotham, VirginiaAustinMammals (incl. deer)512-452-3867 (10am - noon, Tues and Thurs)
Knox, MargaretAustinMammals (incl. fawns)512-345-0437 (anytime)
Logar, LeslieAustinInfant raccoons and bobcats onlyemail: leslogar@yahoo.com
Maca, RobinAustinSmall mammals (no deer)512-417-7260 (8am - 10pm)
Morris, MelissaPflugervilleMammals (incl. deer)512-990-0833 (9:30a - 9:30p), leave msg if no answer
Odegard, DianneAustinBats only512-799-8847 or 512-695-4116
Peterson, AnnieAustinMammals (including deer) & Birds (excluding raptors)512-330-0713 (9am - 6pm)
Pfertner, FrancesAustinInjured mammals, birds, reptiles, amphians (Adults Only)512-327-8181 ext 17 Tues-Sat 8a-5p and Sun-Mon anytime
Raridon, JereAustinSmall mammals (specializes in raccoons, opossums, and squirrels) can assist with coyotes and foxes)512-468-2997 (24/7)
Roueche, SuanneAustinSmall mammals (specializes in opossums)(512) 626-9663 or sroueche@mail.utexas.edu
Thompson, MadelineAustinSmall mammals512-626-0142 (anytime)