Wildlife Research Goals and Status

Wildlife Research Goal

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's Wildlife Division has chosen not to post a new Request for Proposals (RFP) under the current process and cycle. Typically, RFPs would be posted in September/October with a deadline of January 2017. Selected projects would begin to receive funding the following fiscal year. Instead and because TPWD still has several good projects that were not funded from the last cycle, we have chosen to proceed with funding previously submitted projects for the current funding period.

Beginning in October of 2016, the Wildlife Division will review and revise our current processes and procedures related to research proposal submissions to provide a better and more streamlined process. In the fall of 2017, a posting for Wildlife Restoration (PR) RFPs will be available on this webpage with funding available beginning September 2018.

The primary purpose of this terrestrial wildlife research program is to seek answers to important wildlife conservation or management questions, inform the public through publications and other venues, and provide research opportunities and professional development for our staff. The goal of 'wildlife research' is to adequately fund and support relevant, quality and feasible scientific investigation through public and private partnerships consistent with TPWD statutes, policies and resources. Quality and reliable research results are preferred over quantity of projects completed. Experimental (manipulative) and observational research with some control, replication and random sampling are preferred.

If you are not requesting any TPWD grant funding, in-kind or personnel support then you do not need approval through this application review process. However, all other federal and state permitting or licensing requirements may apply (i.e., handling, collecting, banding, marking or taking of migratory birds, threatened and endangered species or animal welfare requirements, etc).