Conservation License Plate Grants

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Request For Proposals

The Wildlife Diversity Program is offering grants to support “shovel-ready” conservation-related projects:


2018-19 Conservation License Plate Funding Priorities

Proposals must address the funding priorities and do not have to be related to Horned Lizards, rattlesnakes or hummingbirds. The 2018-19 Conservation License Plate Funding Priorities are as follows:

  1. Houston Toad Strategic Outreach and Messaging for Enrollment
    TPWD is the permit holder for the Houston toad (Anaxyrus/Bufo houstonensis) programmatic Safe Harbor Agreement and is actively engaging in recruitment of landowners into this program. Due to limited resources, it is essential that we perform outreach and target landowners in a strategic way that maximizes the likelihood of a successful outcome. Therefore, we are seeking proposals to conduct social science and/or community-based social marketing research to inform Houston toad conservation program enrollment strategies in Austin and Colorado counties. Research should inform strategic outreach and messaging for landowner enrollment in the Safe Harbor Agreement. Proposals can include, but are not limited to, landowner segmentation, development of audience-specific messaging, and identifying networks and/or opinion leaders. Point of Contact: Elizabeth Bates
  2. Restoration of ecotourism sites in coastal communities
    Ecotourism enables coastal communities to accomplish wildlife conservation while encouraging economic prosperity, which contributes to long term ecological and economic integrity of Texas communities. The Wildlife Diversity Program seeks proposals to repair or restore popular ecotourism sites in coastal communities damaged by hurricanes. Proposals will be considered for both infrastructure projects and ecological restoration of bird watching sites. Examples may include invasive species removal, revegetation projects, trail construction or repair, observation platforms, viewing blinds, or improving public access. Successful projects will be highly visible and generate considerable media attention, improve public access or habitat quality, and be singularly focused on ecotourism sites. Strong preferences will be given to projects focused on bird habitat or bird watching. Proposals should discuss changes in visitation caused by storm damage and expected results in visitation from the improvements. We will award one $30,000 project or two $15,000 projects. Point of Contact: Richard Heilbrun

We suggest that many funding priorities can likely be funded for less than $30,000. Smaller proposals that address the scope of the priorities are strongly encouraged. No match contributions are required. This program is a reimbursement program. CLP-funded projects must be completed by August 31, 2019. Please read the Conservation License Plate Grant Guidelines 2019 PDF for more information.