Watonga Boulevard Bridge - White Oak Bayou Greenway Trail

Texas gulf coast Region

Approximately 100,000 Mexican free-tailed bats call the Watonga Boulevard bridge along White Oak Bayou Greenway home. The bridge is located 11 miles northwest of Downtown Houston at 4721 Watonga Boulevard.
Upon emerging at sunset, the bats usually fly along White Oak Bayou before disappearing into the night. Visitors can view the bats while sitting on park benches or on the grassy greenspace along the bayou. An information kiosk on the west side of the bayou provides an added educational experience for visitors. While planning your visit, remember to look at the weather forecast. Bats usually do not emerge when sunset temperatures hover near 50 degrees or below.
White Oak Bayou Greenway can be accessed via the hike and bike trail that runs through it and is ADA accessible. Parking is provided on Watonga Boulevard heading south and across from De Milo Drive.

Visitation Info


  • Free viewing available from viewing platform and park grounds.


Reservations are not needed for this location.


Open year-round for viewing from the platform and park grounds.

ADA Accessible

Yes. Bats can be viewed from the viewing platform near the bridge. Trail access is from the trail entrance points. On the southeast side, the trail access point is at TC Jester and West 43rd Street. On the northwest side, the trail access point is at Pinemont Drive.


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Bat Fact

Texas bats can be found in caves, cliff crevices, bridges, tree foliage, snags, hollow trees, and increasingly, as their habitat is lost, in buildings.

Contrary to old myths, bats are not blind, will not get tangled in your hair, and are not flying rodents.