Davis' Green Pitaya (Echinocereus davisii)

Photograph of the Davis' Green Pitaya


Other Names
Davis' Hedgehog Cactus, Dwarf Hedgehog Cactus, Davis' Dwarf Hedgehog Cactus, Davis' Hedge Cactus
Texas Status
U.S. Status
Endangered, Listed 11/07/1979
Davis' green pitaya is a dwarf cactus with rounded, mostly underground, single stems to 1 inches tall.
Life History
The diminutive size of some cacti make them highly prized collectors' items. This species is no exception. Probably the only reason that it has not been eradicated on public land is due to its tiny size and its ability to "disappear" during droughts. Like the vast majority of cacti, Davis' green pitaya stores water in its stem. During dry weather, the plant loses water and shrinks, disappearing into its bed of spikemoss. This conceals it from the collector's eye. It blooms primarily in March, with fruit maturing from April - May.
This tiny cactus grows in spikemoss-covered patches of Caballos Novaculite rock outcrops (a quartz-like material) in sparsely vegetated areas of the Chihuahuan Desert.
It is found only in Brewster county.

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