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Texas Natural Diversity Database (TXNDD): Requesting Data

To request TXNDD data please send an email to with the following information:

You will receive:

Zip File: You will receive the data in a zip file. Please let us know if you can't receive zip files.
Do not attach zip files to emails sent to the address above. Your email will be blocked by our email security

GIS Capability: If you do not have GIS capabilities there is a free ESRI tool that will allow you to view and query our spatial data.

Project Review:Receiving data from the TXNDD does not constitute a project review. A project review entails TPWD's Wildlife Habitat Assessment (WHAB) Program reviewing environmental documentation for specific projects. More information on WHAB project review can be found here.

Example of an EO representation (Cagle's Map Turtle):

Citing the TXNDD: Texas Natural Diversity Database. [2019]. Element Occurrence data export. Wildlife Diversity Program of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. [20 March 2019].