West Texas Wildlife Management

Wildlife in the City

To assist cities as they strive to enhance the livability of their urban environments, Texas Parks and Wildlife has assigned wildlife biologists to work in each of the largest urban areas. The duties of these "urban biologists" include providing opportunities for urban residents to reconnect with the natural systems, presenting educational programs for adults and students on a variety of habitat/wildlife issues, serving as technical advisors on multi-agency conservation planning initiatives, and assisting landowners with habitat restoration or enhancements. The Trans Pecos Widlife District has only one urban biologist, stationed in El Paso Texas.

Workshops available

There is nothing better than a hands on workshop to learn about and appreciate nature.

Presentations available

As Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists we receive requests to give presentations and are happy to accept when possible. Sometimes the topic is left for our choosing, other times the request is specific. Follow the link to a list of presentations that have been given in the past by the urban biologist and are available upon request.

Educational Trunks available

Two things we know. El Paso is a very large city and educational outreach is a very important part of our jobs. In order to fill a need, educational trunks containing teaching materials, activity sheets, and even some slide shows are available to check out. We sometimes receive requests not for presentations but for educational material that other conservation enthusiasts can use. The urban program in El Paso has several trunks containing a variety of educational materials and teaching aids which can be are available upon request. Follow the educational trunk link to the list.